Greetings Designers, Divers, and DDR players!

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Fresh from the cast-iron:

  • Single digit perfects: a story behind
    The beginning of an era Let’s deal with a fact that the moment this story is being written: I am one of the very few of surviving specimens what’s left from my generation who is still […]
  • A closer look: 3 generations of Konami DDR hardware
    Fifteen years and a few hundred AAAs later, never in my life have I thought that someday I would own (nearly) complete set of DDR arcade computers (up to SD cabinet) capable of running any mix any time. It all […]
  • Making the most of DDR arcade pads
    Looking back to mid 2006, I bought a soft pad and learned a few tricks at home before falling for arcade’s a few months later. Arcade pads are extremely solid and more reliable for advanced play, […]
  • A wish fulfilled: Privatizing a DDR machine
    Let’s start here: DDR was losing its popularity in Indonesia between mid 2000s to early 2010s. We have never had any newer version of DDR after X3 vs. 2ndMix until the long-overdue introduction of online-based DDR […]
  • Converting DDR SuperNOVA series to Stepmania
    Since my discovery of Stepmania in mid-2007 (it was during high school graduation), I aspire to play it on a proper DDR cabinet (name it: unlimited songs, customizable charts/ themes, etc). Long story short, I secured […]