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Single digit perfects: a story behind

The beginning of an era Let’s deal with a fact that the moment this story is being written: I am one of the very few of surviving specimens what’s left from my generation who is still (relatively) active at DDR. Being my age in a busy pandemic era, I can hardly think of any other…

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A closer look: 3 generations of Konami DDR hardware

Fifteen years and a few hundred AAAs later, never in my life have I thought that someday I would own (nearly) complete set of DDR arcade computers (up to SD cabinet) capable of running any mix any time. It all started from a privatization, a yearn for nostalgia, some luck, and courage$$$. Personally, some mix stole my heart and…

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Making the most of DDR arcade pads

Looking back to mid 2006, I bought a soft pad and learned a few tricks at home before falling for arcade’s a few months later. Arcade pads are extremely solid and more reliable for advanced play, plus they last much longer. The problem is, as sturdy as they seem, they still prone to damages over…

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A wish fulfilled: Privatizing a DDR machine

Let’s start here: DDR was losing its popularity in Indonesia between mid 2000s to early 2010s. We have never had any newer version of DDR after X3 vs. 2ndMix until the long-overdue introduction of online-based DDR A in late 2017 (that’s a five years gap). We had a lot of fun with Ace for about…

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Converting DDR SuperNOVA series to Stepmania

Since my discovery of Stepmania in mid-2007 (it was during high school graduation), I aspire to play it on a proper DDR cabinet (name it: unlimited songs, customizable charts/ themes, etc). Long story short, I secured my own cab 14 years later… with a hope! In this guide, I will share my experience that covers…

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