I’m Adryan Putra: a designer, SCUBA diver, and DDR player based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This soul has been active in developing corporate brands, digital products, and communication materials by applying design thinking, proper process, and detailed execution in each project. Been grateful over the past decade for being able to work with great clients and awesome colleagues.

When in vacation, he spent most of his time below the surface catching up with fellow underwater dwellers since 2013, either by a single breath or 200 bars of compressed air. He also love to take pictures day and night while keeping distance from fire corals to stone fishes. Most favorite dive sites (yet): USAT Liberty (Bali), Fan38 (Wakatobi), and Kakaban Lake (Derawan).

In order to stay fit, he enjoy stomping AAAs on four-panel dance machines since 2008. In local community, this player luckily won 2 gold medals in 2009 and some silvers later on. After pandemic hiatus, he acquired a private red cabinet running nearly every mix of DDR. If you’re happen to live/ pass nearby, give him a ping and you may get a private tour.

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